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Fix the CLC Square Image 2

Fix the CLC Square Image 2

Elections Act - Campaigning under New Rules

Elections Act - Campaigning under New Rules

Fixing NAFTA: a generational opportunity

Implemented nearly a quarter century ago, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) set a dangerous benchmark for trade deals that came after it. It offers a model of trade facilitation that promotes largely unfettered capital mobility, economic and social policy deregulation, privatization and less government of broken promises for stronger working standards and shared prosperity...

Break the Silence. Protect Temporary Workers.

Members of the EDCC and the South Asian Women’s Rights Organisation (SAWRO) recorded these stories to tell their experience and show why labour reform and stronger employment standards are urgently needed in Ontario.

Host a Good Jobs Summit in your area!

Host a Good Jobs Summit in your area! Local summit organizing tips: It’s not hard to put on a local Good Jobs Summit. Here are some simple pointers.

Ontario Votes: the stakes are high

Tim Hudak: not to be trusted.

MP Lobby Report Form

Form to fill out to summarize your meeting with your MP.

Municipal, Provincial and Territorial Elections Chart

List of all upcoming Municipal, Provincial and Federal elections.

8 tips for organizing a flash mob

Flashmobs are being used more and more by activists around the world as a creative way to generate a buzz around an issue. Done well, flashmobs have the ability to grab the attention of reporters and the public-at-large. At best, they are energetic, fun and a short time commitment for those who participate.

6 Tips for Lobbying your Member of Parliament (MP) or Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA)

It’s your right to talk to your elected representative! Lobbying is really just having a conversation with your MP or MLA, but with a clear objective. It is very likely that your Unifor local union has done plenty of lobbying of MPs and MLAs. Who has lobbied before? What tips would they share with you? These tips are intentionally general. Just keep in mind that the actual subject you want to talk to your MP or MLA about must largely determine your strategy.