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Worker Referral Assistance Program – Level Two

Duration (The default is in days): 
5 Days

Worker Referral Assistance Program Level One

This Course is for previous graduates of Worker Referral Assistance training/Labour Community Liaison Training Level 1 or Employee & Family Assistance or Substance Abuse Representatives with equivalent to Level 1 experience.  This is a course designed by the Canadian Labour Congress and delivered by United Way Labour Programs and Services staff.  Level 2 is part of a three level program; those who graduated from Level 1 at Port Elgin or in their home communities are encouraged to attend. 

Level 2 offers Worker Referral Assistants/Liaisons an opportunity to share the experiences they have had in the workplace and community and provides more in-depth information about specific social issues.  Level 2 covers:

  • review of Level 1,
  • linking labour and community,
  • understanding violence
  • mental health
  • harassment & bullying,
  • gambling addictions,
  • activists:  caring for ourselves,
  • time management for activists,
  • everyone matters - building empathy.

Workers and their family members continue to be hit hard by job insecurity, economic inequality and social injustice, causing a deep sense of loss, increasing stress, and increasing susceptibility to addictions and other dependency disorders (e.g. compulsive gambling).  The Unifor Employee and Family Assistance and Substance Abuse Representatives are the referral agents or liaisons to community resources who can help members experiencing such problems access the services they need.  Worker Referral Assistants/Liaisons assist other union members find appropriate support while protecting their confidentiality.   For more information:

Mike Byrne

Unifor National Employee Family Assistance Representative

Unifor Chatham Area Office