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Conflict Resolution - Level 1

Duration (The default is in days): 
5 Days

Conflict.  It's part of our personal lives and part of our working lives.  Conflict is normal, natural, and in many cases, necessary for change.  Although it may not always feel like it, conflict can be a resource for us.  It can bring about positive change in individuals, the workplace and the union itself.  But most of us could use more skills.

This is an introductory course in making conflict productive.

The labour movement has a longstanding relationship with conflict.  The seeds of trade unionism are planted wherever and whenever workers stand up for their rights and present a united front to their employers.  When we organize, negotiate, and enforce our collective agreements, health and safety, and human rights, we engage in conflict.

The union's constant engagement in conflict with management can sometimes spill over into our dealings with each other.  Knowing how to work with conflict will either diminish or enrich our union experience.

In this course we will explore healthy and productive models of dealing with conflict.  We will look at common types of conflict and their underlying sources of tension, and learn about various approaches and strategies. 

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