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Aboriginal & Workers of Colour - Week 1

This program is intended to build the skills, knowledge and confidence of Unifor Aboriginal and workers of colour members to increase their activism and take up positions of leadership within the union.

Aboriginal & Workers of Colour - Week 2

This is a two-week program designed for Unifor members who are Aboriginal and/or workers of colour.

Accident and Incident Investigation for Workplace Health & Safety Representatives

This 5 day course is an introduction to accident investigation. The prime objective of accident investigation is prevention – finding the causes of an accident and taking steps to control or eliminate it can help prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.

Anti-Harassment - Building a Respectful Workplace Environment

This course concentrates on defining harassment and exploring the legal and moral obligations of both employers and unions in creating and maintaining a harassment-free workplace.

Arbitration for Leadership

This course is designed to provide local union representatives with a detailed guide on how to investigate and write up grievances and prepare for arbitration.

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Bullying in the Workplace: An Occupational Hazard

This workshop is about identifying the hazard of workplace bullying. It will give workers and union representatives the tools to help identify, investigate and resolve the very serious issue of Workplace Bullying.

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Canada and the World

This course will reflect on our views of and connections to workers in the global south and look at some alternatives to the environmental and social problems we face.

Climate Change and Our Jobs

This country can no longer afford an economic model that treats the natural environment and human beings as disposable goods. The time has come to chart a new model and direction for Canada's economy.

Collective Bargaining (1-week course)

This week-long program focuses on the importance of preparation, research, drafting contract language and maximizing your bargaining power by developing a strategic approach to bargaining.

Collective Bargaining (3-day)

In this program we will focus on maximizing our bargaining power by developing a strategic approach to bargaining.

Compensation for Ontario Workers - Level 1 (formerly WSIB – Level I & II)

This course is an introductory program designed for Ontario members who are new to the field of workers’ compensation but want to develop the skills and knowledge to represent injured workers in the initial stages of a claim.

Conflict Resolution - Level 1

Conflict. It's part of our personal lives and part of our working lives.

Conflict Resolution - Level 2

This advanced Conflict Resolution course is designed to deepen our understanding of conflict and the roles each party plays in that conflict.

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Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

The course introduces the issues and needs that Unifor EFAP programs address from alcohol and substance abuse to other issues where members or their families may need referral to professional counseling.

Environment - Workplace

This course is designed to provide workplace union environment representatives and local union environment committee members with tools and strategies for limiting the damage our workplaces have on the environment.

Environment – Community

We all care about our environment. But if you want to actually do something about the threats to our water, our air, our land, and our health, then this course will provide you with knowledge and skills to increase your involvement.

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Family Education Program

Ever thought of taking a family holiday with your union? Want to meet people from across Canada, learn about our new union and issues facing Canadian families, and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world?

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Getting to Know Your Union

This interactive one-day course is a basic introduction to Unifor. This course is ideal for anyone - whether you are new to the union or have been a long time member of the CEP or CAW.

Grievance Handling & Workplace Leadership (1-week course)

Are you a Chairperson, Steward or a Committeeperson? Would you like to develop or sharpen your skills?

Grievance Handling & Workplace Leadership (3-day course)

Are you a Chairperson, Steward or a Committeeperson? Would you like to develop or sharpen your skills?

Grievance Handling & Workplace Leadership - Health Care Workers

This program is designed to equip workplace leaders within the health care sector, with the skills and tools needed to defend the rights of workers and to develop an understanding of the role of a workplace representative in building a strong membership and local union.

Grievance Handling & Workplace Leadership - Retail/Service Workers

This program is designed to equip workplace leaders representing workers in a retail, service or hospitality setting, with the skills and tools needed to defend the rights of workers and to develop an understanding of the role of a workplace representative in building a strong membership and local union.

Grievance Handling – Basic

Would you like to know how shop stewards or committeepersons investigate grievances, present them to management and write them up properly?

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Harassment Investigation Training (3-day)

This 3-day program is designed for local union workplace representatives and their management counterparts, and is designed to increase the investigator’s communication skills, knowledge, and confidence to deal with harassment complaints.

Harassment Investigation Training (5-day)

This course is designed for local union workplace reps, to help increase communication skills, knowledge and give you the confidence to deal with harassment complaints.

Health & Safety (1-week course)

This is a hands-on course that members and Health and Safety representatives will find invaluable in the work they do on behalf of working people.

Health & Safety Certification 1 - BC

This introductory course will introduce new committee members to the basic principles of workplace health and safety. Unifor has developed this course to meet the standard and the 3 important changes to the WCB Regulation that became effective April 1, 2017.

Health & Safety for Federal Workers

This Health and Safety program focuses specifically on health and safety provisions known as Part II of the Code.

Health & Safety for Provincial Workers

This one day program is for Unifor health and safety representatives and all those who want to help reduce and eliminate the toll of occupational injury and disease on the worker.

Health & Safety for Women

All workers face health and safety issues at work - injuries, workplace hazards, disease and stress. But many of these issues also have a gender dimension - they affect women's bodies in particular ways.

Health & Safety: Beyond the Basics

Participants discuss the causes and solutions to the hazardous working conditions workers face in the workplace and learn about regulations and legislation required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act .

Human Rights are Workers Rights - 1-day

Participants will learn about human rights from a working-class perspective and apply basic trade union principles and tools to the struggle for human rights.

Human Rights are Workers’ Rights (1-week course)

Our week-long human rights program is a must for leadership and activists in our growing, diverse union.

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Introduction to Ergonomics

This course has been designed to demystify the "Ergonomic Process", allowing our leadership/activists to see beyond the one-dimensional aspect of injury reduction (important as this is), while also recognizing a powerful tool to be used to improve the ergonomic and psycho-social well-being of our members as they proceed through their working lives.

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Local Executive Board Training (LUEB)

In this week-long program we’ll explore the duties and responsibilities of executive board members, consider various aspects of leadership and address membership involvement.

Local Union Finances (3 day)

The program will cover all aspects of recording and safeguarding the funds and financial records of a local union; and the duties of the financial officer as an integral part of the Local Union Executive.

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Making the Shift from Work to Retirement (4 day)

The course is aimed at involving Unifor members now – and in retirement – in various union campaigns, community groups, Unifor social justice projects and Unifor retiree chapters.

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Pay Equity - Ontario

Did you know?…Ontario has one of the highest gender pay gaps in the world – a shocking 29%. For every $1.00 earned by men, women earn just 71¢.

Planning for your Future

This course is designed for anyone who wants to plan for retirement, even if it’s 20 years away.

Pride Activist Course

Are you a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender Unifor member? Are you interested in improving your social change skills?

Public Speaking

You will learn some of the “tricks and traps” of public speaking and respectful conversations.

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Resisting Abuse - a course for BC Transit Workers

Unifor is working to stop the epidemic of workplace violence against transit workers and road transport workers in British Columbia. Workplace violence means physical assault, threatening behavior, or verbal abuse that occurs in the course of any work-related duty.

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Stress: The Workplace Hazard

This course gives leadership/activists the awareness to recognize the physical and psychological hazards of workplace stress.

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Time Study - Easing the Pace of Work

This course is a basic introduction for production standards reps and in-plant reps whose job it is to challenge management’s job standards.

Toxic Substances in the Workplace

This course gives leadership and activists awareness of the hazards of toxic substances.

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Unifor Foundations

The course begins by examining the nature of work and exploring what workers have in common today. We look at how work, conditions of work, and control over work have been shaped by the development of the capitalist system from colonialism to the present day.

Union Communications

Building a strong union depends on good communication between members, activists and leadership.

Unionism on Turtle Island

Unionism on Turtle Island is a course in which we will explore the shared history between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

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Women Activists (1-week course)

The Unifor Women Activists program provides women with the tools to organize, hold ground on the gains we’ve made, and push forward to build a movement for women’s economic and social equality.

Women Activists Program (3-day)

This course covers a wide range of issues, such as women's work, history and activism, and how we can work towards equality.

Women in Collective Bargaining

Our union needs the voices and priorities of women at the negotiating table. Are you already a member of your bargaining committee, or interested in developing skills to take an active part in union negotiations?

Women in Leadership

Women in the union are very excited about this leadership program which picks up where the Women Activists program leaves off.

Women's Advocate - Basic

This 40-hour course is for Advocates who have been selected or elected under a bargained Women’s Advocate program.

Women's Advocate - Update

This annual three-day update course for Women Advocates is to keep you up to date on the evolving area of intimate partner and domestic violence.

Women, Power & Political Action

If women are to realize true equality it means engaging in political action and challenging power.

Worker Referral Assistance Program - Level One

This course is for Employee & Family Assistance or Substance Abuse Representatives or new peer referral agents who have not yet had the opportunity to take part in the CLC Labour Community Advocate (previously Union Counselling) course in their communities.

Worker Referral Assistance Program – Level Two

This Course is for previous graduates of Worker Referral Assistance Program Level 1 or Employee & Family Assistance or Substance Abuse Representatives with equivalent to Level 1 experience.

Workers’ Compensation (3-day)

This three-day course on workers’ compensation is for workers' compensation advocates (both new and experienced), bargaining committee members, stewards and committeepersons, worker health and safety committee members, other union workplace representatives, and interested members.

WSIB - Claims Strategy (Workers Safety & Insurance Board ONTARIO ONLY)

This OFL course focuses on developing and strengthening the skills needed for effectively filing claims.

WSIB - Medical Orientation (Workers Safety & Insurance Board ONTARIO ONLY)

The medical orientation course is a comprehensive program designed to break down the barrier of communicating in 'medicalese'.

WSIB Appeals – Level III (Workers Safety & Insurance Board ONTARIO ONLY)

The program is designed to provide the skills necessary to enable worker representatives to represent workers in various dispute resolution schemes.

WSIB – Return to Work (Workers Safety & Insurance Board ONTARIO ONLY)

This program focuses on the process of helping injured workers return to work as quickly and safely as possible, with dignity and job security.

WSIB – Topical Issues (Workers Safety & Insurance Board ONTARIO ONLY)

This Ontario Federation of Labour program combines a series of short workshops on topical WSIB issues.

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Young Worker Activist

This course is designed specifically for members aged 35 and under, to further develop their skills and to ensure they can access the necessary tools to play an active role in the union.